Department of French


The French Department was establish in 1966 and then had a class of fifty girls. From August 1980, the department had five specialized classes, girls and boys alike, and the number of students has increased to 250 students. (In addition to the general education program in five years (High School program and baccalaureate + 2) University education program in four-year cycle (level license, baccalaureate + 3) was proposed in 2001: each class had about one hundred students, for a total of 400 students. Two-year College program (first two years of license, baccalaureate + 2) was opened the same year (2001). Thanks to the independent admissions that take place every year in June or July the students of the French Department can continue to receive advance education program in French for two years and so successfully obtain a university degree. Each class of two-year College has about fifteen students for a total of about 30 students. In 2004, the French department opened a new class of fifty students for the four-year program, for High school students or students in vocational program. With its four distinct formations, the French Department, once fenced admissions, records approximately a total of 880 students.


The Education Target of Department of French:

  1. Professional goal: The education target of Department of French aims to cultivate the ability to integrate applications of double foreign language (French and English) professionals, to train stu-dents for the right communication skills in foreign languages, to develop translation, business, journalism, tourism and the hotel and catering industry, so as to promote the mastery of foreign language ability as a transversal competence.
  2. The goals of holistic education: The department guides students in the acquisition of language skills, train them to the characteristics of holistic education, offers varied apprenticeships, training to sharpen their observation skills, their thoughts and their ability to critically analyze, develop their sense of responsibility and professional ethics.
  3. Language skills: Students must have communicative, appropriate and correct language skills in French, and pass testing standards set by the Department.


Future Development of Department:

The department relies on the development goals set by the education system and institutional as well as professional development trends. It takes into account the profile of each student and as-sesses the conditions for its own development. Development priorities are set as follows:

  1. Strengthening the interdisciplinary practical education of students: The license, internships and job research are combined to nurture students to achieve the goal 1 + 2 + 1 (a diploma, two foreign languages test certificate and a professional license).
  2. High-end professional foreign languages talent cultivation:

The French Department will jointly plan to integrate master’s program with the German Department and Spanish Department in working together to develop a master class and an integrated research institute. Moreover, active negotiations are held with foreign universities to plan to obtain a double degree: Double Degree license / twin master diploma.

  1. Develop training materials in French to improve the quality of education:

The Department will develop various French language learning materials, digital pursuing production of educational materials online, so as to densify the network of digital university. 

  1. Develop active exchanges with foreign partner universities:

With the possibility to transfer the creation of a joint research community in a partner university, to establish exchanges between partner universities or teachers to facilitate the establishment of distance education, to conclude with a partner university planning seminars and invite expert speakers. 

  1. Develop actively cooperation between the university and the business world:

Actively develop the commitment to continue to invite professors, experts and foreign teachers, and encourage teachers to promote pluralism and experiences abroad.

To attract and actively recruit highly qualified staff, to continue our commitment to invite professors, experts and foreigner teachers, and encourage teachers to promote themselves and benefit from their experiences abroad.

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