Teaching Objectives:

Maintaining the philosophy of “compound” education that has been promoted by the University for years, the curriculum design focuses on “languages” and “professional specialties.” First- and second- year studies stress dual training in English and Southeast Asian languages, while Third- to fourth-year studies emphasize strengthening students’ knowledge of interdisciplinary subjects. Students are also encouraged to open themselves up to affairs related to Southeast Asia, stepping out of Taiwan and moving forward to Southeast Asia. They should apply their “dual-specialty” and “interdisciplinary” knowledge to what they do in Southeast Asia, which will help to deepen their professional skills in the future.

Credit Requirements:

  • English: Each student at Wenzao needs to complete 24 credits of General English courses, in order to equip himself/herself with basic communication skills in the international language.
  • Southeast Asian languages: Complete no less than 28 credits of courses required for a major in a Southeast Asian language, such as Thai, Indonesian or Vietnamese and the professional courses of the major language.
  • Studies on Southeast Asian governments and enterprises: Interdisciplinary courses on international relations, politics, economics, and industries in Southeast Asia will be provided to undergraduates. These required courses will be “taught in English”.

Studies in Southeast Asia: Each student needs to participate in an exchange program or internship in Southeast Asia for at least an academic semester cumulatively, in order to improve his/her international mobility.

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