Teaching philosophy:

We aim to cultivate professionals with proficient linguistic ability and ample knowledge of the Hispanic culture and history.


In addition to language classes, we also offer courses on business, translation, tourism, international diplomacy, and foreign language pedagogy. The objectives of the program are:

  1. To develop our students’ language skills in Spanish
  2. To train our students to become skilled Chinese-Spanish translators/ interpreters
  3. To educate our students with knowledge of the Hispanic world.

All language courses are taught in Spanish with the purpose of immersing our students into Hispanic language and culture. The courses are designed under the communicative language learning framework, which provides students with abundant variety of learning activities, such as playing games, group discussion, theatrical presentation, peer learning, and participating in on-line communication. We also convene several Spanish language contests every year to encourage autonomous learning and to stimulate learners’ motivation.

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