The EU and Taiwan share common values such as freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. Upon these shared values, exchanges between the two sides have grown steadily over time. The European Union plays an important role on the global stage, not only politically and economically but also culturally, and Taiwan represents a thriving power in the region and an innovation hub that possesses a rich and diverse culture. The Wenzao European Union Center – established in 2004 with the funds from the Ministry of Education – supports the development of relationships with a focus on Europe.

The mission of the Wenzao EU Center is to deepen mutual understanding and provide a platform for dialogue. To promote these ideas, the EU Center organizes lectures, workshops, round table talks to discuss the developments in the European Union and its member states. The EU Center emphasizes interdisciplinary exchange by focusing on a broad range of areas, including culture, language, politics, history, and business affairs. Therefore, the EU Center reaches out to educational institutions, the private sector, governmental and non-governmental institutions to provide a space for fostering international experiences. The EU Center aims to develop external resources to support European-focused activities that benefit local students, faculty but also the general public.

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