Teaching Objectives:

Southeast Asian languages: postgraduates are required to complete credits in at least one Southeast Asian language.

Studies on Southeast Asian government and society: interdisciplinary courses in Southeast Asian politics, society, and culture.

Enterprises and industries in Southeast Asia: international business and industry development related courses. 

Credit Requirements:

  • Students are required to complete courses such as Research Methods in the Social Sciences, Oversea Taiwanese Company and Southeast Asia, Thesis Writing, Southeast Asian Languages, and overseas project-based learning program (at least an accumulative of 2 months experience in any Southeast Asia countries).
  • Southeast Asian Language courses are compulsory. Students can choose one of the languages (Thai, Indonesian or Vietnamese) as major to study. Other Southeast Asian languages are also available for selection. Students are also encouraged to take the proficiency test. (Language courses can be waived with corresponding language proficiency test).
  • Courses are categorized into two modules: Courses in Southeast Asian politics, society, and culture; Courses in Southeast Asian industry development and International business.

Students are required to complete a project-based learning program (at least accumulative of 2 months) in any Southeast Asian countries. It can be carried out through either exchange student program, an oversea internship or research based oversea case study. A maximum of 9 credits can be transferred from oversea programs.

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