Department of French

The French Department was established in 1966 and then had a class of fifty girls.

From August 1980, the department had five specialized classes, girls and boys alike, and the number of students has increased to 250 students.

(In addition to the general education program in five years (High School program and baccalaureate + 2) University education program in four-year cycle (level license, baccalaureate + 3) was proposed in 2001: each class had about one hundred students, for a total of 400 students.

Two-year College program (first two years of license, baccalaureate + 2) was opened the same year (2001). Thanks to the independent admissions that take place every year in June or July the students of the French Department can continue to receive advance education program in French for two years and so successfully obtain a university degree. Each class of two-year College has about fifteen students for a total of about 30 students.

In 2004, the French department opened a new class of fifty students for the four-year program, for High school students or students in vocational program. With its four distinct formations, the French Department once fenced admissions, records approximately a total of 880 students.

Department of German

The graduates of the German Department of Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages should not only receive a holistic education but also two foreign languages (English, German) dominate.

In order to ensure international comparability of language skills, serve external language tests as the basis.

The following majors are offered as compulsory or elective courses: culture and society, language teaching, translation, business and tourism. Another learning object can be described by the term “autonomous learning” to be funded by the digitization of the course materials and modern technology both in the classroom and in the resource and computer labs.

4-year College: basic knowledge and expertise in German-speaking and European culture, foreign language education, business and tourism, European Union.

2-year College: basic knowledge and expertise in German-speaking and European culture, translation, and business.5-year Junior College: basic knowledge of German language and European culture, translation, business and tourism.

Department of Spanish

Established Department of Spanish in 4-year College, Division of Continuing Education in 2001.

Established Department of Spanish in 4-year College of Day School in 2004.

Department of Japanese

Four-year College Program

Two-year supplementary-college

Five-year Junior  College

Department of Southeast Asian Studies

In the second half of 2018, it begins to offer Southeast Asian language proficiency tests and the Master of Arts in its Southeast Asian Studies (MSEAS) Program. In the 2019 academic year, it will establish the Department of Southeast Asian Studies, hoping to cultivate more “dual-specialty” and “interdisciplinary” talents with high international mobility that will be well-prepared for the ASEAN market and active in both Taiwan and ASEAN.


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