Since foundation, Wenzao University follows the sprite of “Revere the divine, love the human” to develop an international multi-language schools and foster students to possess holistic personal characteristics. Meanwhile, the school offers different academic programs and various courses, activities, events and ceremonies to help students develop language proficiency, global perspectives, and sound personalities. Through our educational programs, students are expected to become social elites and leaders for society.

The General Education Center offers diverse courses to complement curriculums provided by professional departments and cultivate students’ competence, confidence of discovering analyzing problems, and develop their critical thinking ability.

When teaching mainly focus on incubation of technical and practical knowledge in current period, the education about ethics and values of lives are gradually disappeared in college education. The role of general education becomes critical and indispensable in pursuing higher level knowledge. Students in our school take many language-related courses in their major studies. To help students develop sound personalities and full scope of education in the school, the general education center offers various courses in multi-disciplines including natural science, applied science, technology, laws, culture, arts, history, philosophy, social science, and music.

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