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Information and Instructional Technology Center

Latest News

The Electronic Official Document System will be temporarily unavailable from 17:00 to 19:00 on 13 Feb 2019

2019-02-11 11:37:00

Dear faculty, staff, and students,

    Since the Electronic Official Document System( will be maintained to expand storage space, it will be temporarily shut down from 17:00 to 19:00 on Wednesday, 13 Feb 2019.
        We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this operation.  

Best regards,

Information and Instructional Technology Center  (IITC)

[Maintenance Notice] 17 Feb. 2019 00:00-20:00

2019-02-01 13:45:00

Dear faculty, staff, and students,

    Due to annual inspection and maintenance of the power transformer facilities on campus, Construction and Maintenance Section shall cut off the power supply of the entire campus, which shall also influence the operation of the computer mainframe facilities at the Administration Building.
    IITC shall temporarily stop all campus network and information service (including internet and intranet network service and all systems) from 00:00 to 20:00 on Sunday,17 FEB 2019. 
We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 

Best regards,

Information and Instructional Technology Center  (IITC)

About Us

The Information and Instructional Technology Center(IITC) in Wenzao provides computers, language learning, and media facilities the relevant services. It also offers networking services, school information services, information and instructional technology supporting and services, and related support services to entire university. All our staff dedicate to building a dynamic information and instructional technology environment, and a robust and high-speed networking infrastructure. We also introduce innovative technological resources and techniques for the University to integrate the use of information and instructional technology and services for the maximal effectiveness in meeting the learning, teaching, research and school goals of the University.

Job Description

YU-WEN Li, Ph.D.

YU-WEN Li, Ph.D.

Director of Information and Instructional Technology Center

Ext: 2801

Technology Services Section

mainly responsible for the management and maintenance of computer facilities, server systems, and campus network services, language learning facilities, media facilities, and the purchase and upgrading of hardware and media facilities

Chien-Chih Lee

Chien-Chih Lee

Section Chief of Technology Services Section of Information and Instructional Technology Center

Ext: 2811
BT Chen

BT Chen

Ext: 2814

■ Management and maintenance of server systems
■ Management and maintenance of campus and residence network
■ Maintenance and management of accounts of server systems
■ Promotion of ISMS
■ Technical support
■ Promotion of information and computing education/training

Sting Lee

Sting Lee

Ext: 2816

■ Maintenance and management of media facilities
■ Maintenance and management of broadcast systems
■ Technical support
■ Promotion of media facilities education/training

Yen-Cheng Kung

Yen-Cheng Kung

Ext: 2815

■ Maintenance and management of administration and electronic documentation server
■ Maintenance and management of Website
■ Maintenance and management of microcomputer labs
■ Technical support
■ Promotion of information and computing education/training

Shuai Huang

Shuai Huang

Ext: 2812

■ Maintenance and management of computer facilities
■ Maintenance and management of microcomputer labs
■ Maintenance and management of software installation
■ Maintenance and management of language labs
■ Technical support
■ Promotion of information and computing education/training

System Management Section

mainly responsible for the implementation and development of campus administration application systems, the management of Learning Management System(LMS), the promotion of information and computing education, and other administrative affairs.

Catherine Wu

Catherine Wu

Chief of System Management Section

Ext: 2850

■ System Planning and Management

Sam Huang

Sam Huang

Academic Database Administrator

Ext: 2851

■ Academic & Information System Management

Chi-Chi Huang

Chi-Chi Huang

Ext: 2854

■ Academic affair, general affair, and accounting application system
■ Management of ISO documents

Shu-Lan Wang

Shu-Lan Wang

Ext: 2853

■ Student affair, personnel application system
■ Database management

Hung-Pin Chien

Hung-Pin Chien

Ext: 2852

■ Maintenance and management of Learning Management System
■ Maintenance and management of Portfolio platform for faculty and students
■ Promotion of internet application education/training

Shih- Chi Chang

Shih- Chi Chang

Ext: 2856

■ Maintenance and management of electronic documentation systems
■ Maintenance and management of teaching excellent project application system
■ Maintenance and management of industry, official and university application system

Mission, Services


Due to the arrival of the Age of Information, since 2002, Wenzao has been greatly reinforcing the information infrastructure and building up campus of digital learnin


Mission Statement

The goal of the school information service development is primarily to build and forward a secure, systematic, digital learning environment and the development strategies are to build an mobile learning campus and to enhance the IT capability of teachers and students. The aim is to construct the school into a “comprehensive multi-lingual digital online action learning campus,” so that our teachers and students can connect to Taiwan and the rest of the world through the internet. In coordination with the school administration and teaching plans, Wenzao shall become the best school for learning different foreign languages.



The Information and Instructional Technology Center(IITC) offers a variety of support and services as follows:

Maintenance and management of computers, language learning, and media facilities
Campus networking
Information Security
Communication and collaboration services
Account management Services
Distance learning platform
Applications systems development and Support
IT Procurement
Consulting services
Technology Teaching Tools and Services for Faculty
Information, computing facilities education and training
Language learning facilities education and training
Media facilities education and training
Support for disk storage, backup and recovery services in public computing labs



As information technology and mobile communication technology advance constantly, higher education must face the challenges brought about by four major trends: the popularity of the mobile devices, the rise of the cloud services, the wide applications of the social networks, and the production of a massive amount of information. In order to face different challenges in the future, how to provide an innovative application of information technology and a relevant information system service has become a critical strategy. With the constant advance in information technology, instructional technology teaching, mobile communication, and information communication facilities, this Centre is eagerly planning an innovational blueprint for the development of Wenzao’s information construction, which will provide a better information service quality and benefit all staff and students on Wenzao campus


Computer Classroom

There are five computers with classroom curriculum to meet the needs of multimedia computers outside of teaching courses may also provide a Q103 classmates day free computer training room of the machine.

Room A401 A402 A501 A502 Q101 Q103
Seat 60 60 60 66 54 66
Update 107/08 105/08 103/09 103/09 107/08 106/08
CPU I5-8500 I5-6500 I5-4570 I5-4570 I5-8500 I5-7500
RAM 8G 8G 8G 8G 8G 8G
OS Win10 Win10 Win10 Win10 Win10 Winn10
Monitor 22″LCD 22″LCD 22″LCD 22″LCD 22″LCD 19″LCD
note classroom classroom classroom classroom classroom Free to use


Digital multimedia classrooms

Language teaching has always been Wenzao professional, school setting has nine multimedia language classrooms, which are located on the eastern side and the west side of each of four upright floor, the basement of a text garden to provide diverse language teachers teaching to enhance students’ learning efficiency.

Room E001 E101 E201 E301 E012 E112 E212 E312 W002
Seat 40 60 60 60 60 56 56 56 60
Update 104/08 104/03 104/08 105/08 105/08 107/08 107/08 107/08 102/08
CPU I5-4570 I5-4570 I5-4570 I5-6500 I5-6500 I5-8500 I5-8500 I5-8500 I5-3450
RAM 8G 8G 8G 8G 8G 8G 8G 8G 8G
OS Win7 Win7 Win7 Win7 Win7 Win10 Win10 Win10 Win7
Monitor 22″LCD 22″LCD 22″LCD 19″LCD 19″LCD 22″LCD 22″LCD 22″LCD 22″LCD


Ordinary classroom

Each ordinary school classroom in another 93 years to build a multimedia information platform equipment, in 96 years the school ordinary classroom multimedia information platform equipment build rate has reached 100 percent, a total of 93.


Regulation of Campus Academic Network Use at Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages

  • The regulation is made in accord with “the Regulation of Campus Academic Network Use of the Ministry of Education” to exert school campus network function, promote education and learning, respect for the law, and to provide guidance to Internet users.
  • In response to the issues arising from the use of the Internet, a “protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights advocacy team” is established (By the Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of Academic Affairs, Secretary-General, Director of Information and Instructional Technology Center, Director of Military Education Office, Chairperson of General Education Center, Section Chief of Student Assistance Section, Dean of Student Affairs as convener) to handle the following matters:
    • To help the school deal with Internet-related legal issues.
    • To take appropriate measures to maintain network security.
    • To promote the regulations related to network usage, and to guide users using the internet resources correctly, and respecting network-related laws and etiquette.
    • Other matters related with the network.
  • Internet users should respect the intellectual property rights, and should avoid the following behaviours that may infringe intellectual property rights:
    • Use an unauthorised computer program or software.
    • Illegally download and copy the copyrighted works.
    • Upload the protected works to public sites without the copyright holder’s consent.
    • Arbitrarily reproduce the articles that have been prohibited from reproduction from Bulletin Board System(BBS) or other online forums.
    • Set up websites providing the illegal downloads of the protected works.
    • Other behaviours that may infringe intellectual property rights.
  • To prohibit the improper use of the campus network, network users shall not have the following behaviours:
    • To interfere other peoples’ computer systems or network facilities with computer programmes, other computers, or electromagnetic interference.
    • To steal other people’s account and password, or to crack the protective measures through system’s loopholes to use or access to a computer or the related facility.
    • To peep, delete, or change other people’s transmission records from their computers.
    • Any abuse of network resources, including spam, chain or useless e-mails, or any behaviour that influences the normal operation of the system, like spam and hacking resources.
    • To spread fraud, slander, insults, obscene information, harassments, illegal software trade or other illegal information through e-mails, online chats, Bulletin Board System(BBS), web pages or other similar features.
    • To sell, provide or abetting the illegal goods through internet.
    • To use other people’s name without authorization or a false identity to engage in network activities.
    • To lend your account and password to other people.
    • To use school’s internet resources for activities not related to teaching or researching or illegal activities.
  • To enforce this regulation, the Information and Instructional Technology Center(IITC) at Wenzao is in charge of the following management:
    • Help Internet users to establish self-regulatory behaviours.
    • Segment and control internet traffic appropriately.
    • Suspend the rights of users who violate of this regulation or affect the normal operation of the network.
    • Person in charge should be set for Bulletin Board System(BBS) and other sites for the management and maintenance. Person in charge may remove the articles or suspend the rights of those who violate the regulation of use. Those who commit major violation of school rules or the regulations shall be turned to the school authorities.
    • Other matters relating to the campus network management.
    • Those who affect the normal operation of the campus network with viruses or improper information shall be punished according to the regulations of Appendix I.
  • To respect internet privacy, school authorities should not spy on users’ personal information or violate uses’ privacy, except the following circumstances:
    • For maintenance or inspection system security.
    • To investigate a violation of school rules or misconducts with a reasonable cause.
    • To cooperate with the judicial investigations.
    • Other acts in accord with the law.
  • Internet users in violation of the regulation shall be subject to the following disciplinary actions:
    • Stop using network resources.
    • Accept the punishment of school rules.

    When internet users are also network administrators, in violation of the regulations, their punishment should increase. Internet users have been punished according to the previous two rules, when there is another offense, should still be liable according to civil law, criminal law, copyright law or other applicable laws.

  • For Internet users in violation of this regulation, or for preventing violation of the regulation, controlling measures to the internet users or non-specific users shall comply with the necessary principles, the principle of proportionality and the principle of legal reservation.
  • Internet users in violation of the regulations, may, based on the relevant school procedures, file complaints or for relief. When dealing with internet-related complaints or relief procedures, the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights advocacy team may be consulted.
  • Matters not prescribed herein should to refer to “Taiwan Academic Network Management and Norms”.
  • This regulation is pass in the Information Development Committee meeting, approved by the president for implementation. Any amendments shall be processed accordingly.


Performance software:
Download the official version (2013/08/15) (exe) User Manual (pdf)
Administration System:
Download the official version(2010.05.24) (exe) Version of the test area(2010.05.25) (exe)
Windows XP Font Upgrade Pack for zh-cht (msi) Wenzao PDC sync (exe)
Asset Management:
Download Setup version (2012.05.17) (exe)
Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages QRcode:
Official Website (jpg)
Official Mobile Site(jpg)
Official Facebook Fan Page(jpg)
Website Resource Application Form (doc) (pdf) Off Campus VPN Account Application Form (doc) (pdf)
Assistance Request Form (doc) (pdf) Mail to all faculties Request Form (doc) (pdf)
Special Characters Request Form (doc) (pdf) The Application Form of Email Alias (doc) (pdf)
Virtual Machine Application Form (doc) (pdf) DNS Application Form (doc) (pdf)
(System Change Request Form) – New (doc) (pdf) (System Data Request Form) (doc)
(System Testing Report) – New (doc) (Permission Request Form) (doc)


Does our school provide any antivirus software?

Our school currently has an antivirus software(named Avira antivirus), can be installed directly from PDC network driver.

Wenzao campus network proxy settings (can use the library resources)

reference Problems with E-Resources from library of wenzao campus.

Contact Us

Help Desk of The Information and Instructional Technology Center(IITC) is the university community’s central contact point for questions about the use of information technology, or the solution of computer and campus network problems. The HelpDesk will answer questions directly or facilitate a resolution if second level technology support is required.

We are located in the Administration Building third floor. To contact the Help Desk:
TEL: +886-7-3426031 Ext. 2819

Service Hours:
Fall and Spring Semesters: Monday – Friday 8am – 5:00pm
Summer and Winter Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Hours subject to change when classes are not in session


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