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About our Department

The College aims at cultivating professionals proficient in English and second foreign language(s) and equipped with holistic development and global vision. The College also provides foreign language majors with tracks in business management, international affairs, and MICE industry programs to ensure their employability.


Dr. Wen Pin LIN

Education Background:
PhD Political Science 

Fields of Specialization:
Comparative Political Economy / International Political Economy / International Relations / Development Studies / Energy and Technology Policy / Innovation System Research

Secretary: Mr. Kai Otto Chang

TEL:+886-7-3426031   ext. 7801

Curriculum Design Concept


Industries in Taiwan are facing the impacts of globalization, regional economic development and transnational operation. Due to this reason, there has been an increased demand for bilingual business talents. In order to aid the transformation of businesses, educating talents with a global economic perspective, competitive edge in business English as well as global business management and trade knowledge has become the key to the success of a business. Therefore, Wenzao put together a team of professional teachers from the Departments of English and International Business Administration, and established the Bachelor Degree Program of International Business English. The program includes school-required classes, program-required courses and elective professional courses.



1. To acquire both Southeast Asian language skills and social science knowledge based on hybrid and interdisciplinary teaching designs promoted actively by Wenzao for years.
2.To enlist protential candidates who wish to study, work or set up business in Southeast Asia; or promote Southeast Asian-related business in public and private sectors.

Characteristics of the Curriculum:

1.  The program is divided into two modules where students can select one: “Southeast Asian Government & Society” and “Southeast Asian Business & Industry.”

2.  Our department organizes study tours of Taiwanese Businesses in Southeast Asia annually, which integrates academic theories with practical experience of industrial development.

3.  It is compulsory for students to relocate and study in Southeast Asian countries to develop their independent study skills.

4.  The annual Wenzao Ursuline International Conference on Southeast Asian Studies (ICSEAS) invites scholars from local and foreign universities to present papers. ICSEAS is an important conference for Southeast Asian Studies in Asia, which promotes international academic exchanges and research activities.

​Ph. D.  Nguyen Thanh Liem  Full-time Assistant Professor  (Vietnamese descent)

Education: Ph.D. in Chinese Literature, National Sun Yat-sen University

Department:  Department of Southeast Asian Studies

Professional field/Expertise: Comparative Study, Teaching and Translation of Chinese and Vietnamese Language and Culture


Ph. D. Yufita Ng  Full-time Assistant Professor (Indonesian descent)

Education: Ph.D. , Institute of China and Asia-Pacific Studies, National Sun Yat-sen University

Department: Department of Southeast Asian Studies

Professional field/Expertise: Indonesian Language, Indonesian government and politics, Indonesian Chinese society and culture



Ph. D. Anthika Manowong  Full-time Assistant Professor (Thai descent)

Department: Department of Southeast Asian Studies

Education: Ph. D., Institute of China and Asia Pacific Studies, National Sun Yat-Sen University

Professional field/Expertise: Thai history, Thai politics, Thai culture, international relations between Thailand and China

Office hours: By appointment



Ph. D. Samuel C.Y. Ku  Professor

Department: Master in Southeast Asian Studies

Education: Ph. D., in Political Science Ohio State University, U.S.A.

Professional field/Expertise:Comparative Politics Theory, Southeast Asian Governments and Institutions, Asia-Pacific Regional Studies


Ext.: 1109/1108

Ph.D  Khai Leong Ho DistinguishedProfessor (Singapore descent)

Education:   Ph. D. in Political Science Ohio State University, U.S.A.

Department: Master in Southeast Asian Studies

Professional field/Expertise:Southeast Asia Politics, Malaysian and Singapore Studies

Ext.:07-342-6031 #6223

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