Wenzao Educational Practices

Wenzao’s Educational Philosophy is inherited from the educational tradition of the Roman Union of the Order of St. Ursula. St. Angela, the foundress of the Ursulines, was a visionary in the field of education. St. Angela successfully integrated faith into human formation. She believed that each individual was an image of God, with unique value and dignity. She also believed everyone has infinite potential and an indispensable mission. The purpose of education is to guide students to gradually develop and extend their God-given potential.

As a commitment to the philosophy of Ursuline Education in Wenzao, the Ursuline Education Center (UEC) was established in August 2011 (previously known as the Spiritual Service Center) to establish and integrate whole-person education curricula, and spiritual guidance to serve staff and faculty in Wenzao. Teachers in the UEC specialized in philosophy, education, religious study, psychology, pastoral counseling, psychotherapy.

Ursuline Education Documents

In 2011, a small international editorial committee was established by the General Council of the Uruslines of the Roman Union (the international Leadership Team) published a series of papers as source documents for all Ursuline education schools and colleges.

They proposed a SYMBOL OF A TREE, with its roots, trunk, and branches, for presenting articles from all the regions, written by colleagues representing our Ursuline schools and colleges in different parts of the world.

The ROOTS, a source of life, will include articles on Angela’s spirituality and life; and aspects of Ursuline education and history.

The TRUNK, drawing life from the roots, will offer articles which focus on core values and on profiles of Ursuline educators and students.

The BRANCHES will present articles which express the lived realities of the core values in various schools and colleges worldwide.

Click documents to download and read more or learn more at www.ursulines-ur.org 

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