Wenzao President’s Welcome words

Welcome to Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages!

Honorable guests, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. Allow me to express my deepest appreciation to you for your arrival here. For Lord’s grace and for the faith in me from the Board of Trustees, I am happy to oblige in my service. The motto of Wenzao University is “Revere the Divine, Love the Human” (敬天愛人) whereas the motto of Tsing-Hua University, where I used to serve, indicates “As heaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentleman should constantly strive for self-discipline. As earth’s inclusive nature, a gentleman should embrace social responsibilities” (自強不息、厚德載物). These two mottos will be the guidelines for me to follow in the days to come. To revere the divine, I will strive with self-discipline to accomplish vigorous sustainability. To love the human, I will embrace social commitment to everyone and every being on all matters. Wenzao’s mission is to develop every student into a Wenzaorian with 3 Ls: Life, Language and Leadership. And in January, Pope Francis’ monthly prayer intentions came timely for us educators, emphasizing the core of education is to bring to the eager minds the truth of life by knowing and accepting themselves, their brothers and sisters, and others, as well as learning about this created world and offering care for the home that we share together. All these expectations directly correspond to Wenzao’s education goals. Out of the love for life, we will naturally endeavor to know ourselves. With the zeal for communication through languages, we will initiate contact with people, become aware of individuality, and learn mutual respect for differences. Adhering to service leadership, we will certainly care more about our society and the environment so as to create a better and more beautiful home. As a result, these will be my daily prayer intentions. Confronting the challenges in Taiwan’s higher education, I am perfectly aware that the coming days will not go smoothly. However, I will remain firm in a positive attitude and in a joyful mood to face every day. As long as we work together as one and unite our strengths, I believe that even in the face of the howling gales and roaring waves, we will be able to move forward, unshaken by the threats, to fulfill Wenzao’s vision. Let’s set sail happily for this magnificent journey! Thank you again for your presence, which is the greatest gift of encouragement and blessings to me.


Hwei-Lin Chuang,Ph.D


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