MA Program

The Master´s program in European Studies aims to develop professionals with expertise in various European affairs and focuses on contemporary pan-European and European Union affairs, covering European politics, economy, social developments, public health, environment, education, and culture. 

Duration: 2 years

Degree: MA in European Studies

Credits: 36

Language: English

Class Size: max. 10

International students welcome!

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MA Program overview




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Double-Degree Options

Internship Possibilities


 Master´s Program 

Welcome to the MA in European Studies!

Established in 2016, the Master´s program aims to develop professionals with expertise in various Europe-related affairs covering European culture, social developments, economy, politics, and environment.

We seek to equip our graduates with knowledge, abilities, and skills that enable them to better understand developments related to Europe

Career Prospects

– government agencies,
– foreign representatitves offices,
– private sector,
– international trade companies,
– research institutes,
– think tanks,
– local/international NGOs
– proceed with PhD

Become an Expert in European affairs!

The only program in Taiwan with a distinct focus on Europe & Sustainability

Europe is a leader in the field of environment and sustainability. We offer additional courses, lectures and workshop with a distinct focus on EUROPE & SUSTAINABILITY!

Teaching Approach

Courses of our institute are carefully designed to enable solid learning progress and provide deep insights. We employ interactive teaching approaches and include  case studies for better illustrations and understanding. 

Course content is regularly updated to ensure our graduates know about most recent developments.

As a consequence, our courses are highly recommended by students, reflected by highest students evaluations.


The faculty is engaging in research activities by engaging in research projects from National Science & Technology Council (NSTC) or other organizations.

Between 2019 and 2022, the institute hosted the EU funded Jean Monnet Modules on “Environmental Health”.


Our MA curriculum offers a wide range of courses covering various aspects of European affairs.

To complete the program, 36 credits are needed, 21 credits from elective and 15 credits from mandatory courses.

Armin Ibitz, PhD

Armin Ibitz, PhD

Chair, Institute of European Studies

“European Studies has so much to offer”

“This program will benefit your career”

“You will not regret choosing our program”

Skills trained

• research skills

• organizational skills

• communication skills

• intercultural skills

• data literacy

critical thinking skills

analytical skills

• environmental literacy

Students Field Trips

Field Trip Taipei

Every semester our students make a field trip to Taipei to join European Forum, visit research institutions or foreign representative offices and engage in discussions with experst about latest developments in Europe. 

Field Trip to Kaohsiung Net Zero Academy

Learning also takes place outside the classrooms. We regularly organize field trips with students. 

This time we visit the newly established Net Zero Academy from the Kaohsiung City Government.

International Exchange &
Double-Degree Options

We are aware that international exchange and international opportunities increase the international perspectives of our graduates.

Currently, we have two double-degree options with French partner universities.


Double-Degree with EMBA Quimper, France

The double-degree program with EMBA Quimper is based on a 1+1.5 year option. After successfully studying the first year at our university, students can continue their MA study in France. This program includes internship option.

Program language: English

Double-Degree with Rennes Business School, France

The double-degree program with Rennes Business School is based on a 1+1 year plan. After successfully completing the first year at our institute, students can continue their MA study in France.

This program includes internship option.

Program language: English

International Exchange Semester/Year

Students can choose from programs at about 300 partner universities and go for an academic exchange for one semester or a full year.


Internships are a great way to gain experience and increase your network. We encourage our students to take up internship positions in Taiwan or abroad.

Depending on the duration, credits can be waived for internships.

Scholarships available...

from Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Wenzao University.

School Newsletter

OFFICE hours

Mon-Fri 8am – 5pm


900 Mintsu 1st Road, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City 807




+886 (0) 7 342 6031 ext. 7902

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