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About our Center

Mission Statement

Founded in the 2013 academic year, the Center for English Language Teaching aims to prepare the professionals with global talents and English expertise. The Center is in charge of organizing, planning and executing the University’s General English program and teaching, as well as centralizing and consolidating English teaching resources to maintain Wenzao’s prestige in English pedagogy. The Center also supervises General English program, which encompasses various proficiency levels, so as to provide students with appropriate English learning environments.

The goals:
(1)   Organizing, planning and executing the University’s General English program and teaching
(2)   Centralizing and consolidating English teaching resources
(3)   Promoting Wenzao’s prestige in English pedagogy
(4)   Providing teacher training for teachers of General English courses
(5)   Managing the affairs related to university-wide English proficiency

Curriculum Planning:
The CELT is in charge of the teaching of general English courses of the University and designing proficiency-based curriculum that roots in Wenzao’s English pedagogy, such as e-materials and test bank to promote students’ English proficiency.
Beginning in August 2015, the Center expanded its business by managing the general English courses from the Continuing Education Program in addition to the regular 4-year general English courses.
Wenzao has its prestige in foreign language pedagogy with a vision that each Wenzaorian will demonstrate their English proficiency to consolidate their knowledge in their profession. It is through foreign language learning that they are able to understand the global culture and expand their world vision. Thus, each regular 4-year college student is required to take a total of 24-credit English courses before their graduation.

Philosophy of Curriculum Design:
The regular 4-year general English curriculum design is conceptualized in students’ proficiency-based teaching philosophy and Communicative Language Teaching as an approach. The curricula offer four-skill (listening, speaking, reading and writing) integrated courses and adopt the leveled and systematic materials. The teaching delivery varies, including listening and speaking trainings, simulated dialogues, reading skills and writing practices. Grounded in Wenzao’s privilege, the learning environment is student-centered and English is used as the only medium of instruction. Students can acquire knowledge from other cultures and can apply it to their daily life. Students’ international citizenship is enhanced by connecting themselves to the world.

Curriculum Goals:

  1. Developing a strong foundation in English proficiency that can be applied into acquiring professional knowledge
  2. Expanding their world vision with an understanding of the culture of other countries
  3. Activating learning to enhance their communicative competence
  4. Motivating students to learn and pass the benchmark of English proficiency to partially fulfill the graduation requirement


Dr. Chang, Hui-Hsiang

Education Background:
National Kaohsiung Normal University Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Adult Education

Fields of Specialization:
English Teaching, Adult Education, Quantitative Research


Curriculum Design Concept

The compulsory General English Program adopts proficiency‐based placement. Students are placed in various levels based on a placement test(CSEPT) prior to enrollment. Different series of textbooks are utilized to ensure systematic and appropriate learning outcomes. To strengthen students’ four skills in English, a diverse number of pedagogical approaches are used in the classroom, including trainings for listening and speaking, as well as dialogue and writing practices. All courses in the Program are instructed in English, a proud tradition at Wenzao, with the goal of helping students establish a solid English foundation, understand cultures of various English‐speaking nations, and apply what they learn in class to real‐world situations.

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