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About our Department

History and Current Status

The Teacher Training Center was established in August, 2001, and changed into the Center for Teacher Education in December, 2003. Our center provides a special track for university students interested in elementary education. We have 6 full-time instructors on our faculty, all with doctoral degrees and rich teaching experience. Fully equipped with instructional media facilities in an ideal environment for teaching and learning, we carry out our mission to prepare students as elementary school teachers who will be professionally trained in education and able to master a foreign language. Most of the graduate alumni are engaged in teaching in public or private elementary schools or in remedial schooling all over the country having already made a remarkable contribution to education.


Program applicants have to be enrolled in graduate school or in the school years higher than sophomore year in Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages.

Forty-six credits are required to fulfill the program. Students should complete the required courses, covering foundations of education, courses of education methodology, practical training of education and specialization curriculum in elementary school, in two to three years.


The objectives of Center for Teacher Education is to

Cultivate teachers who have professional qualities in education;
Cultivate teachers with professional ethics, and critical thinking competency.
Cultivate teachers who have teaching knowledge and competences of elementary education;
Cultivate qualified elementary school English teachers.


I-Chia Chou

Education Background:
Ph.D. inPh.D. in Second and Foreign Language Education Ohio State University, USA

Fields of Specialization:
TESOL, literacy, second language acquisition, research methodology, children’s literature

Secretary:Su-Chen Hsiao
TEL:+886-7-3426031   ext. 7102

Curriculum Design Concept

With advantages in foreign language curriculum and faculty, Wenzao is able to make foreign language instruction at the elementary school level one of the features and also an alternative for employment for students after graduation.

Students, who are in the two-year college programs or above and have achieved a high level of academic performance, are eligible to apply for enrollment in the Pre-service Education Program. Students are required to take 46 credits within 2-3 years. Courses cover educational foundations, educational methodology, educational practical training and specialization curriculum. The center also provides counseling services to assist students in understanding various roles within the teaching profession.

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