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The Department of International Affairs in Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages was established in August 2004. Annually, 50 out of hundreds of applicants from all over the island are accepted to enter the department and receive four years of specialized trainings. By combining the knowledge of international cultures, politics, economics and a high level of English language proficiency, the department aims to cultivate young professionals, participating actively in the field of international affairs. In the era of globalization, our efforts are to satisfy the personnel demand of the government and private sectors at an international level.

Educational Goals

Globalization continuously expands the horizon of international affairs and transnational trading activities. Consequently, both public and private sectors are increasing their demands of high-caliber human capital specializing in both foreign languages and international affairs. The Department of International Affairs, established in August 2004, thereby aims to fill this demand. Its goal is to nurture professionals of international politics and economics with profound characteristics of cultural understanding and language proficiency. Its curriculum, blended with a wealth of international knowledge and excellent foreign language skills, provides classes that educate its students to become professionals in the arenas of international politics, international economics, and international culture study. Hence, its alumni are fully-educated in school before running forth to serve in all professions related to international affairs for both public and private sectors.

Career Prospects

 The graduates of the department who wish to pursue higher studies can apply for national or international graduate schools. A large number of universities now offer graduate institutes of politics, diplomacy, area studies (such as European Studies, Asia Pacific Studies) and international cultural studies. When ready for employment, graduates can apply for positions in civil service through examinations administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, and bureaus of Cultural Affairs in various city or county governments. In addition, they can work for non-governmental organizations,enterprises and cultural industries related to practices of international exchange.


  • International Affairs Learning Studio

International Affairs Learning Studio is mainly for the university courses. The computers of this International Affairs Learning Studio is installed at the request of students’ graduation project such as SPSS, Endnote, and NVivo.
  • Research Center for International Affairs

Research Center for International Affairs is mainly for program courses or holding meetings.
  • Wenzao Center of Digital Development and Human Resource Training for International Affairs

Wenzao Center of Digital Development and Human Resource Training for International Affairs is equipped with 7 computers and electronic whiteboard.



  • Curriculum Rationale

The main focus of the department is to orient the students towards theory and practice of international affairs and to promote their English ability. The department stresses the student’s acquisition of a comprehensive worldview; its curriculum and teaching programs are based on the future demands of the job market and higher education. Most of the department designated courses are conducted fully in English. Students are expected to expose themselves naturally to a comprehensive English environment and gradually become well-trained professionals of international affairs.
  • Curriculum Design Concept

The courses are divided into 4 categories:
★ General Required Courses designed by the university
 (49 credits, including 24 credits of English Language training courses)
★ Required Courses designated by the department (38 credits).
★ Elective Courses designated by the department (41 credits). These are subdivided into three
★ Main tracks:
  ‧ International Culture Studies
  ‧ International Politics
  ‧ International Economics
Professionals in International Affairs:
At the end of the first year, students have to select two out of the above three tracks according to their career goals and preferences, and they have to complete a minimum of 11 credit-hours courses in each of the two chosen elected tracks.


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Department of International Affairs

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