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Introduction to Division of Extension Education:

Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages was established in 1987. It aims at providing a lifelong learning platform with the goal of all-around education. It provides diverse courses and pathways to career learning for the public. Moreover, Wenzao also develops diversified foreign language learning and comprehensive categories on furthering language learning in seeking to cultivate language specialists with international perspectives. Besides the courses provided by the Division of Extension Education itself, the Division of Extension Education also accepts the commissioning of planned activities, such as: government projects, cooperate training, customized courses, and elementary/junior/senior school camp. The Organization of Division of Extension Education consists of: Main Campus, Sih-Wei Branch, Tainan Branch, Taipei Branch, and Translation & Conference Service Center- Szuyuan Translation Service.

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Q & A (Before Class Starts)

1.What Extension Education Non-Credit Courses do we have?
Languages Classes:English, French, German, Japanese and other languages (We also have intensive classes during summer and winter vacation).
Sport & Activity Classes:Yoga, aerobics, karaoke, decoupage and ukulele etc.
Welcome to study in Wenzao!

2.Time for Enrollment?
March, June, September and December, welcome to browse information on our website :http://3L.wzu.edu.tw

3.You can get latestd brochures at security office in Wenzao and office of each branch or welcome to browse information on our website :http://3L.wzu.edu.tw

4.We offer adult study courses. Students above 13 years old are wecolmed to study at Wenzao. We also offer elemetary students for special class.

5.How to enroll the class? (Telephone reservation is not acceptable)
On-site:Fill in the application form and pay by cash or credit card.
On-line:Enter our website :http://3Le.wzu.edu.tw and register personal information. Choose the class you would like to enroll and pay with credit card or transfer via ATM before the expiration date.

6.You can ask your friend to enroll for you with application form in different branch.

7.Type of Payment
Credit card or Cash.

8.We have different discounts for students, alumni and staff of Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages and Division of Extension Education. Details of discounts are shown in our brochures. Please show your identification documents before enrollment.

9.You can purchase teaching material while enrolling. All teaching materials fee shown in our brochures not include CD or audiovisuals. Or you can purchase teaching materials by yourself.

10.You can purchase parking permit on main campus and Tainan Branch. Parking space is limited, please purchase parking certificate while enrolling classes. Details of parking permit are shown in our brochures.

Q & A after class starts
A.Transferring & Refund policy

1. Transferring policy:Students can transfer to other classes within 7 days after class starts for only one time.
2. Refund policy:Please bring your enrollment receipt and fill in the application form at the counter. If you pay in cash, you will get the refund in cash. If you pay by credit card, we will refund to your credit card.
Refund standard:
(1) If the class is cancelled due to lack of students, a full refund will be made.
(2) 90% of the tuition will be refunded if the class withdraw is made before the class starts.
(3) 50% of the tuition will be refunded if the class withdraw is made after the class has started (including the day class starts).
(4) No refund will be arranged after the class has started over 1/3 of total hours.

B. If you can not attend the class, make-up class is not acceptable. Please check your schedule before enrollment.

C. Standard of Class Suspension of Natural Disaster

1. If Directorate General of Personnel Administration of Executive Yuan and local goverrnment call off  work due to natural disaster, the classes will be automatically suspended.  If the above-mentioned units call off school only, the classes will continue as scheduled.  Please pay attention to official announcement, there will not be further notification from us.
2. The date of make-up class would be discussed in the following class.
3. Please notice the latest traffic news before coming to class for your own safety.

D. Student whose attendance is over 2/3 of total hours can get Chinese certificate after the class ends. (We can only offer Chinese certificate within 5 years after your class ends )

E. You can apply for English certificate at the counter. Each English certificate will take 7 working days and charges for NT$ 50.

F. We are life-long-learning certification organization of government officer. Student whose attendance is over 2/3 of total hours can apply for certificate and register their learning hours to government officer on-line system.

Contact Us

900 Min-Tsu 1st Road Kaohsiung 80793, Taiwan R.O.C
TEL: +886-7-3458212
FAX: +886-7-3508865  
E-mail: extension.edu@mail.wzu.edu.tw 

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