Curriculum Design

The educational objective of the Department is to cultivate and enhance logical thinking and the ability to develop professional skills in two languages, namely French and English.

Program of the four-year college:

The first and second years are focused on learning the four basic skills of the French language (oral and written understandings, and oral and written expression), while strengthening English language courses to promote bilingual learning. During the third and fourth years we introduce courses about French-speaking countries history, geography, politics, economics and social sciences, culture, in parallel with language courses. Learners, according to their own inclination, can choose a specialty from the eight cross-cutting modules offered by the university.

Program of the two-year college:

It focuses on an advanced or professional language training in classes where the number of students is reduced, courses including intensive training to the four language skills (oral and written expressions, oral and written understandings) while strengthening vocational training in the field in relation to the media, politics, economics or culture.

Program of five-year system:

It focuses on learning the basics of the French language. The first three years are focused on the four language skills in both target languages, French and English: grammar, oral and written expressions, phonetic and oral and written comprehensions… The next two years is devoted to specialization courses (trade, tourism, journalism, etc.) that require some command of the language, so that language is a tool for the acquisition of professional skills.

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